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Neshia K.

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“I cannot give praise and recognition to this company enough! Matt was probably the most kind, understanding, responsive which is what you want in a plumber, and knowledgeable plumber I have called out to my custom-built home. I have used every plumber on the sun and I will never use any other company but this one. I highly recommend”

Beverly S.

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“Matt and his team were quick, precise, professional and cost effective with the work they did for me. Others quoted me insane estimates and seemed to be pushing for work that was not needed. I highly recommend Matt and his team!”

Catherine F.

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“I called AK Plumbing and was thrilled to get a live person and not a recording on a Sunday afternoon. I spoke with Matt the owner and explained my plumbing issue. Matt was very professional and told me that he would be out to fix my issue in the morning (on a holiday). Matt was here first thing Monday morning at 9:00 am. He was on time, and he was very polite and quick. He had my issue fixed in no time. He quoted me a higher price on the phone and actually charged me LESS than what he quoted. I feel that he is an honest plumber who did not take advantage. I would not hesitate to call him again if needed, or refer him to family and friends. Thank you Matt for the quick response as it was much appreciated.“


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“I had a leak that was driving me crazy. I replaced most of the hoses under my sink to find out if it was my faucet. Ordered a new one but was to hard to replace. I called AK plumbing and they were out the next day. They did a great and I mean great job installing my new faucet and it turned out the old one was causing the leak. Wish I had called them sooner. I have to say great service and the price is fair. I know for any future issues or projects I’ll be using them.“

Amanda Sleeper

Google Review

“Matt was helpful, and communicated exactly what the issue was and what the fix would entail. Quick service on a Sunday afternoon no less! So thankful for his help and expertise. I would call again and will definable refer!!“

Debra Clune

Google Review


“Plumbing pipe repair, Five Star“

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