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AK Plumbing is a local plumbing company that serves Glendora, CA and surrounding areas. We have decades of experience dealing problems with plumbing systems. Whether you are looking for residential plumbing services, water heater installation and other services, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing repairs, or even whole house repair and repiping, you can count on us to do an excellent job for you!

Its difficult to predict when a plumbing emergency will strike. Even minute plumbing issues could cause serious problems. You might opt for shallow solutions hoping that they work but, these solutions may not cater for deep issues causing serious plumbing issues thus leading to more costly repairs in future. With AK plumbing services, we will help solve any plumbing problem that will come out.We are among the leading family-run plumbing companies that have steadily built a strong reputation for excellent service, affordability and customer satisfaction over the last few decades!

Residents in Glendora receive full range services from us not to forget those clients in commercial businesses. From plumbing inspection, sewer pipe checks and repairs, routine maintenance, water heater installation and repair, whole house repiping, and any plumbing needs, you can rely on our plumbing experts with decades of combined experience dealing with any plumbing issue.

Some of Plumbing Services we offer our Glendora clients:

AK Plumbing Glendora Reviews

“I had a leak that was driving me crazy. I replaced most of the hoses under my sink to find out if it was my faucet. Ordered a new one but was to hard to replace. I called AK plumbing and they were out the next day. They did a great and I mean great job installing my new faucet and it turned out the old one was causing the leak. Wish I had called them sooner. I have to say great service and the price is fair. I know for any future issues or projects I’ll be using them.” rrobinson001

“I called AK Plumbing and was thrilled to get a live person and not a recording on a Sunday afternoon. I spoke with Matt the owner and explained my plumbing issue. Matt was very professional and told me that he would be out to fix my issue in the morning (on a holiday). Matt was here first thing Monday morning at 9:00 am. He was on time, and he was very polite and quick. He had my issue fixed in no time. He quoted me a higher price on the phone and actually charged me LESS than what he quoted. I feel that he is an honest plumber who did not take advantage. I would not hesitate to call him again if needed, or refer him to family and friends. Thank you Matt for the quick response as it was much appreciated.” Catherine Ferzoco

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Plumbing Services Glendora, California
Glendora, CA Plumbing Repairs
Whole House Repiping Glendora, California
Glendora, CA Water Heater Installation & Repair
Drain Cleaning Glendora
About Glendora, CA
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Plumbing Services Glendora, California

Both our residential and commercial plumbing services cover all issues. Whether you have a clogged drain, a failing water heater, or a busted sewer line, all you need to do is call our expert plumbers, and we will address your plumbing issues immediately. As fully licensed local plumbers in Glendora, you can rely on us to get the job done at reasonable costs every time!

Glendora, CA Plumbing Repairs

Whether you are experiencing low water pressure, backflows, clogged drains, or have detected leaks, you can rely on us to solve your plumbing problems within the day! Our extremely friendly local plumbers will provide great service for you anytime!

Whole House Repiping Glendora, California

Are you constantly experiencing persistent low water pressure, or have you been seeing leaks lately? Such issues indicate that there are a lot of serious plumbing issues underneath. Don’t worry! Let our experienced plumbers in Glendora determine the challenges!

Suppose you need a long-lasting solution to your persistent problem, it could help if you allowed our plumbers to do whole house repiping. Our Glendora plumbing service covers whole house repiping to ensure that all possible sources of leaks will be eliminated. Moreover, if you have lead pipes needing replacing, you can rely on our plumbing services to find and replace them.

Glendora, CA Water Heater Installation & Repair

Isn’t it quite discouraging when you have to take a cold shower? Even with newer water heater systems, such problems might come out anytime. Whether using gas-powered or electric water heaters, anything might go wrong even with more robust tankless systems. Fret not; our Glendora plumbing company is a reliable service provider to such water heater issues.

Drain Cleaning Glendora

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems among Glendora, CA residents. Even though this drains may look simple, there are several reason why clogging occurs. However, if there are many drains draining slowly, you will start facing serious plumbing issues underneath. It doesn’t matter if it is one or multiple clogged drains, please call for inspection to avoid chronic plumbing problems in future.

Our company has all the equipment needed to deal with drain clogging issues. Our technicians have the necessary experience needed to deal with clogged drains. If the problem is serious, we won’t stop until the problem is solved!

About Glendora, CA

Glendora is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County, California, United States. As of the 2020 census, the population of Glendora was 51,087. Known as the “Pride of the Foothills”, Glendora is nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and is an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. Glendora contains a historic downtown area, which includes Glendora Village, and is home to the Glendora Country Club. The city’s slogan, “The Pride of the Foothills”, is displayed on banners throughout the city.

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AK Plumbing serving clients throughout all of Glendora, California, including the following zip codes: 91740, 91741, 91750, 91773. Click here to return to our service area page.

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