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Don't Flush Your Afternoon Down the Drain

Take advantage of professional drain cleaning services in Duarte & Monrovia, CA

Unclogging a drain may seem like an easy job to handle yourself. But it's often more stressful and time-consuming than anticipated. Thankfully, you can get professional drain cleaning services when you work with AK Plumbing in Duarte & Monrovia, CA.

We'll inspect your system to find the clog and work quickly to remove it. If you need to unclog your drain, schedule affordable and reliable services with us today.

3 signs you have a clog

You know you have a clog if water is slow to drain. But that's not the only sign to look out for. You should also call for drain cleaning services if you notice:

  1. Odors coming from the sink or tub
  2. Strange sounds coming from your drain
  3. Water backing up into your sink, shower or toilet

Do you need to unclog your drain? Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.